April 25, 2008  Over Hoover Dam 
This is the start of our journey from Parker AZ  to Cedar City Utah. We took 40 to 93 so we could cross over Hoover Dam.  We had to leave Ca, go to AZ, then over Hoover Dam into NV past Las Vegas and back into AZ to get to Cedar City UT.
As we headed up 93 the desert was in bloom cactus had big purple flowers and the prairie grass was deep green.
I think this is some Salvia orange blooms.  Daddy had to note this because they are typically red blooms.  I just love my horticulture expert.
More of the dessert.
We now arrive at Lake Mead National Recreation Area just south of Hoover Dam.
A long road to the Federal check Point.  We had to get out so they could look in and check all of the compartments.  While Papi and Daddy were outside one agent went inside and the other walked with us.  When we returned to the coach the agent inside asked why is Christopher asking me for some Gummy Bears now.  We looked at each other with a huge grin.  We explained that we had told him that if he didn't wear his seat belt we would get a ticket, then we would have to pay the ticket and could not afford gummy bears, so he thought you had the Gummy Bears.  A child's logic at work.
Colorado River running down from Hoover Dam.
Daddy is a virgin when it comes to crossing Hoover Dam.
We're getting closer.
This is  a new bridge they're building to by-pass crossing over the dam.  This is the first of two new bridges.  I'll show you the other one later.
I love this bush.  I have to find out what it is ...
... they were growing all over the road side on 93.
Closer look at the bridge #1.
It is a high one but wait.
A few scenic shot of the mountains.
This is looking up at bridge #1.  The "small" bridge.
and more.
On our travels we have seen some interesting signs and this is one.  We are also putting together a page of just signs.
The long line to drive over Hoover Dam.  Note the two large metal structures with cables.  These are the building supports for making Bridge #2. This one is going over a very tall canyon overlooking the dam. Oh and it is even higher than the dam. 
We now made it to the dam its self.
Wow!  What a sight.  If you look close you can see the cars driving over it.
Still in line but we can see the dam, and the cars that look like ants crossing it.
Christopher was very excited to see it.
This is the cable structure from the other side for Bridge #2.
more waiting.
They gave Helicopter rides for $29 down by the casino. 
More of Daddies flower stuff.  Don't you just love it that he includes this stuff too?
He was all into this and had no idea I took this picture.
The line behind us
More of Daddies flowers.
Entering Arizona sign.  But, we are leaving Az.
This is the over flow part of the dam.  In the next picture you see the spout it goes down.
This is it.  Look at the truck and see how big it is.
This is the start of Bridge #2.  Mind you, we are not on the dam yet, but still about 100 feet above it.  It is going across the canyon.  I could not drive this, I would have a heart attack.
Sophia chilling as we go over the dam.  She kept saying "Hi" "Hi" in hopes that someone outside would talk to her.
Look how low the water is.  It is down at least 100 feet.
But that water is beautiful.
more water
Almost on the dam.
Look how clear the water is.
Now you can see how high the bridge is.
Cool shot across the dam
Closer look at the overflow.
and the last time.
More flowers  from Daddy
Christopher, enjoyed talking to all of the walkers.
other side of the overflow
Now we are actually on the dam.
We are on the dam and this is way above.  They are just starting the arch to the other side. 
Arizona does not recognize Daylight Savings Time.
One of the pillions 
This is the other side of the bridge and again we are on the dam.  Can you imagine how much planning and effort goes into such a project?
This is the dividing of both states cool.
Now we are in Nevada and still on the dam.
The Dam took four years to complete.  The bridge overhead will take ??? to complete. 
Cool copper building.
I can not get over how high this bridge is going to be. I wish I could see the bottom of the canyon to show you but it is so deep I can't.
At a distance.
Need some power?  Oh yea, I guess this all goes to Las Vegas.
Now you can see one from each side and they have to connect in the middle. I wonder how many people will die from making this bridge?
This is a close up of it.
This is the best I could do to show you how high this bridge will be.  The bridge is higher than my angle of view and the water is way down there.  Yes, that little tiny splash of blue.
Colorado River.
Looking back at Hoover Dam.  This is not all of it.   We could not see the bottom.
And the power plant from Hoover Dam
Now in Las Vegas.  This one is for you Brother. 
Christopher wanted one of these.  Perhaps a scale model would do for now.
I like this sign.
Sophia wanted one of these.
The girls are having so much fun playing with each other.  Look who's on top this time.
More playing
Now Sarah is done playing and going to nibble on Sophia.
I thought this was so odd looking. In some states it's okay to have three trailers connected.
More flat area.  Welcome to Nevada.
and more
Daddy at it again with the artsy fartsy pictures.
Nevada landscape.
A Nevada bridge. I thought it was nice.
Now Back into Arizona again just to get into Utah.  Talk about around your elbow to get to your thumb.
Az on I-15
and more and this would end the day for us.