April 19th, 2008: Big Bend at the Colorado River
Our cross-country trip begins with a stop at the river to spend quality time with friends and family.  We're hoping for some exceptional weather to take advantage of the water and time around the fire.
The first day began by stopping in to see Grandpa and Grandma up at Lake Morena.  Christopher had been asking for days to see them and it was finally time.  We were using generator power because the park was full and a little too many amps caused a "pop".  All of a sudden, we had no A/C power.  Oooops!  We reset all the breakers and nothing seemed to be wrong, but we had no power. After leaving a message with technical support, we decided to contact authorized repair shops, but they were all either closed or needed to call us back.  In the end, we were able to get Country Coach support and found that there is yet another breaker switch directly on the generator.  This one switch seemed to do the job.  When it was all finished, we found that none of the service centers returned our call, but we didn't need them after all.
The first night.  Okay I am ready for my bike lessons.
All the kids got a good long nap on the way here  Sarah was the last to finally go out.
Sophia was first.  You can't tell, but she was eating a pretzel.
Ah, evidence on the chin.
... and the smoking gun gripped tightly in her little fist.
When we got her, the first thing Christopher did was start throwing rocks in the water.  He's such a boy.
Now it's time for bigger rocks.
Was that a fish there around your feet?
Sophia, now walking pretty good, was ready to be outside and around the water.
Papa would help Christopher with casting, and let him reel the float in.
Hey, it's my turn.
I'm outside and I like it!  She's going to really enjoy this when she can walk.
I was doing just fine, and then the water knocked me over.  Who ever heard of a lake/river with a tide?
Papa, please help me up.
All she really needed was some encouragement.
The second night! Daddy at work getting those artsy farty pictures again.  This is the moon coming up from the east over the Arizona mountains and reflecting on the Colorado River.
Dinner on the second day was preceded by lots of group fun.  The girls love spending time together and apart.  Apples are good to share. 

Chicken kabobs for dinner were enhanced with rice, veggie melange, and Daniel made peach crisp.  Mmmmm.  All delicious.
Finger licken' good.
Who could this be???
hiding under the tubes?
It's Christopher - Clam and look.  He's eating Sophia.
Uh oh.  I think she may have gotten the best of him.
Angie's gone fishin'.
And ready for some cruisin' down the river.
Weeeee haaaawwww!
Daniel ... are we there yet?
The girls, Suzen and Angie, ready for the day.
A girl's day out on the boat.
Here's Daddy's first attempt to get a panoramic shot of Parker Dam. I think he did an exceptional job at splicing these together.
Look at me I'm Sarah D., just as cute as I can be.
I know I can get another drop out of this cup.  Look, I'm using a big-girl cup.
The girls are sharing.  This shocked us too.
The girls chillin'.
Christopher and Sophia found some other kids to play with.
No you can't have this!  Her new word "MINE"!
Christopher new girlfriend.  She had caught a fish earlier and was showing him.
Crossword, block by block.
Janice and Sophia comparing nails.  Christopher feeling left out.
Suzen working her crossword puzzles as we  all wait for Angie's great steaks.
Daniel enjoying the last evening block by block and not fishing. 
Angie & Susan's Dog.  Can you tell us this one's name?
Janice was so great with the kids.  They really took to her too.
Don't even think of taking my meat,  and Christopher was so into his car (blue cars are his favorite) He would not let anyone get close to them. 
Janice and Sophia getting some girl time.
This little angel Sophia loves to eat raw spinach.
Think he will notice that I am taking food from Papa's plate? 
Read bottle then look at face.
Think he likes it?  Cream Horseradish made by Beaver.
Hey, we found one of the characters from Star Wars.  
Need I say anything, he's a Carly Simon song "so vain". 
I wish they would feed me. I'm so hungry I could eat this straw hat.
What!  Cant you see I am reading right now.
Our farewell group shot at the river this time .  We enjoyed our time together and look forward to many more.