March 6th, 2008: Padre's Spring Training, Peoria AZ
How's this for an oversized baseball?  We had a great time taking in the game and letting the kids play out on the grassy knoll (oh, perhaps a bad choice of words).  All had a blast in Peoria.  When the day was done we took a dip in the pool at the hotel where Donna, Sheri and Taylor were staying.
Our trip began with a little stress.  We'd just taken the coach in for a major service (which included valve and timing adjustments and changing the transmission filters).  Figuring we'd done due diligence, we expected an  uneventful trip with regard to the engine.  We stopped about 50 miles outside of San Diego to check the Jeep tires and found this fluid all over the jeep and undercarriage of the coach.
Hawthorne CAT service dispatched a mobile service tech, Jim, who looked things over and found that the adjustments made have increased the pressure in the blow-bye and so some oil was being blown off.  It's safe to drive and the Jeep is already dirty so we're going to continue on and have them fix this when we return next week.
Such a small amount of oil over a long stretch of road and it gets everywhere.  
This hose is where the oil is being pushed out.
We decided to have lunch while we waited for the mobile service technician to come.  Sophia found a little seat that is just her size.  
Sarah has started pulling herself up here lately.  During this trip she got better and better at it.  
Papa and Christopher are watching "The Cow Movie", AKA Barn Yard to pass a little time while we wait for the service technician.
And some lunch too.  Christopher, take human bites.
Stopping for fuel and the girls wanted to watch.
Hi Papa.  Whatcha doin'? 
You knew he wasn't going to leave them at an open window ... alone, right?
One of those magical Arizona sunsets.
... and the portrait  view.
Good morning.  Ready for breakfast?  The girls wanted to help themselves.
We missed the first pitch, but the Padre's are up and making up for not winning the coin toss.
Sarah is busy with her crackers.
Gee, they mow with the cross-hatch pattern that Daddy does.
Funny faces.  We're making funny faces.
Daddy was holding the baby girl.
He really shouldn't do that in public.
Adrian Gonzalez is up and it's time for a run.  Remember this guy, he comes up again later in our story.
And the hit!  Oh yea, it's a home run.
Christopher got restless so Daddy took him over to play on the grass.  I'm not sure what they were looking at, but it kept their attention for some time.
I still can't see what they have, but now there's an even larger crowd of kids.
Grandma Donna got everyone a hat.  Sarah looks good in pink!
Toward the end of the day and Sophia is about to go out.
She's a snuggler.
Some guy from LA took our picture and didn't try to steal our camera or anything.  We joked with him about it, but he said it wasn't worth it unless it was a cellphone.
And here's pretty much where the score remained for the remainder of the day.
When the game was over we headed over to the Padre's administration building to see if we could get some autographs.
Finally, Christopher gets to run off some of that pent-up energy.
Another of those big balls. 
And guess who came out of the parking lot and then turned around to sign autographs for the fans.  That's right, #23 Adrian Gonzalez.  I guess the fact that he's now driving a Range Rover hasn't gone to his head.  He was very gracious about making sure everyone got an autograph.
I'm not sure who this young man is, but he was one of the ones who actually stopped to sign balls for the kids.   What a great guy.   Let us know who he is and we'll credit him.   Thanks to Denise for helping us identify Nick Hundley.   What a cool guy to stop for our kids and deserving of such a great fan in Denise.
This is Adrian Gonzalez  younger brother Edger Victor Gonzalez.  Him and is Brother are GREAT for stopping and giving an autograph to their fans.  He is a Non Roster invitee hope he makes the Roster
Sophia is saying one of her favorite words ... "eat!"
Sophia stole sister's baby doll.   She's learning to kiss it.
The girls want to play on the bed.
... and Sophia can actually climb up now.   This scares me.
She does have to use her sister as a step though.
You wouldn't belive that she was terrified of the vacuum on our last trip.
"repeat ... not sure why."
How does this thing work?
We're helping Daddy.
She's a climber.
Copilot Christohper.
This was a very long drive home.