Feb 9, 2008   Back home from our Northern California Trip
Have Cowboy need horse.
Wow Daddy and Papa, look what the postman gave me.
Now all I need is a tool belt.
You better watch it . I'll bite your toes with my two teeth.
ARRRRRRRRRRR!!    Back.  This is my toy.
Look, I am getting a new tooth on top.
I think I am tired.
May I help you?
HI.  I am here to assist  you.
Let go, its mine!  NO!  Papa ,  Let go! Daddy.  Ah the love they share with each other.
Guess who won?  So Sophia is going to try the diversion trick.  Look Sarah a rabbit.
Ha, got it!
Oh no, I cant see.
Here brother  you can have it now.
That is not on right.
Okay.  Hey dude.
Water babies.
mmmmm....  Bath water taste good.
Please close the curtain.
Excuse me, but I don't think I want my picture taken just now.  It's bad enough that I have to poo with the girls right there. 
He is getting good at his drums.
I made it up.
Hey I like this.
Wow!  I must have shrunk.  What's a girl to do?
Help Daddy and Papa.
Sarah looks like one of the people from Batman.
Can't a girl take a bath without the paparazzi. 
Papa playing with his phone.  Look at the deep concentration on his face.
This is a great picture of both boys.
Team work:  Christopher has been in a growing stage and so he is about 3 inches taller then Taylor right now.  They were working on a plan to get the ball out of the tree so Taylor  thought he could Jump into the tree and get it.  Well, that didn't work so he tried to reach it from the ground and could not get it; so Christopher said let me, reached up grab it, handed it to Taylor.  Then they both headed back up singing team work team work.
Christopher:  I'm going to bounce hard and high.
His face says it all.
Taylor enjoying his toy ice cream.
Taylor all puckered up.
Sophia likes this trampoline.  She would not stay off of it. 
Taylor  Vogueing for camera.
Wanda and Sarah.  Wanda is great with the kids.  She nurtures them and plays with them.  She's an amazing and wonderful person.
Who couldn't love a face like this.  Our little girl at least she does not have a unibrow.