Feb 2, 2008  South Of Santa Barbara Heading to Lake Morena 
This is the view from our bedroom window in the morning, The Channel Islands.  The water is dirty from the storm we had for the last two days.
Some more of the islands.
Looking down the sea-wall with the sun coming up over the hills.
Sophia all bundled up for her morning walk.
What?!   I am just learning to walk in these boots.
Oh, I smell food coming from over there.  "Eat."      "Eat."      "Eat."
More Island pictures.
Christopher was not happy with Sophia touching his camera so he told her she needed a time out ... over there.  The amazing part is that she wanted to follow his directions.
Daddy enjoying his morning coffee and the ocean. 
One of Daddies little girls. Can you see the Pride?
Christopher 's fear of dogs is well documented.  So why would he want to get so close to a rottie?.
He just  walked right up behind and petted her.  He was find until she wanted to sniff him.
So excited that he came up, she jumped up to play and this little boy was gone. But......
After a bit they were best friends.
We all had to pet her, she was a sweet dog. 
Looks like she was licking her chops for Christopher.  But she just wanted to know what that blue thing was.
It took Sophia only seconds to pet her.
Help I fallen and can't get  up!
Oh Life is hard having to sit here and look cute.
Christopher gets so excited when a train is spotted, and this one passed very close.
Scenery shot from HWY 1.  We are now going to Lake Morena in the Laguna Mountians to Visit with Greg's (Daddy's) dad. 
Driving by LAX this AA was just a few hundred feet above us
LA Traffic.  This was just north of Santa Monica on southbound 405.
No this is not the same one.  This one was on the south side of Santa Monica still headed south on 405.  Both just happened a few minutes before.  They were still ripping the windshield off of this one to help the driver out.
Almost home
Just a cool shot of the palms.
Madonna.   Madonna.  For those who don't know what these are.  San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station.


Where the boys are.  Camp Pendleton Oceanside CA.  Oh yea, and a few good men.
Well we did not get any pictures of Our stay at Lake Morena due to high winds Rain and snow.  This is sunrise HWY summit on Interstate 8.
More snow,  It seamed that the snow fallowed us every place we went.
... and more snow.
It is hard to see but on a clear day you can see Downtown San Diego and the ocean from here.
And the last picture is Alpine.  Our three week trip comes to an end.  It was hard to go back home.  All of us wanted to keep going.  Our next trip is a short one to Peoria Arizona for a few Padres games.  Then sometime in April we hope to head east to New York.