February 1st, 2008: Just south of Santa Barbara, CA
Here's the Satellite Image, thank you Mr. Hubble Telescope, of us camping along the side of Highway-1 on the coast. This is about as close as one can get to camping at the beach without having to park on the sand.
Sophia is all dressed up for the day.  She's been twirlin' around with her little dress and dancin' up a storm all morning.
We ran to get some lunch before leaving Pismo Beach and got stopped by this train on our way out of town.  As you may know, Christopher loves trains and was ecstatic with our good fortune.  The video clip is HERE.
A cool house that Daddy got a picture of.
Yes, we've had some rain.  It makes everything green and the windows streaked.
Farmland all over the place.  No wonder California relies so heavily on crops in support of our state's income.
A pretty little farm house.
Daddy was salivating over these greenhouses.  He wants to build a huge area of these and grow all sorts of things.  I think our friend Charlie could be a great help in the automation for them.
An old Gold Medal Flour billboard painted on the side of this building.
Looks like a mid-west town to me.
An old barn.
And another barn.
The contour of the land causes them to curve their fields.
Just a cool shot of some old farm equipment.
California cows' legs are shorter on one side or the other to compensate for all these hills.  Otherwise they'd fall over.
Near the AFB.
Comin' round the mountain when they come.  If you look on the other side of the freeway you can see a tunnel the north bound traffic has to go through.
Still on HWY-1.  
An oil derek.  Christopher thought these were pirate ships coming to get us.
Driving down the coastline.  Such a great treat to see the ocean.
We thought these bridges were kinda cool.
Channel Islands from afar.
God Bless America.  We don't get to see that  very often anymore.
More coastline.
Christopher's other love, horses.  This was a very nice little farm.
Welcome to Santa Barbara.
Welcome to Santa Barbara bumper to bumper traffic at 2pm.
I didn't realize that Santa Claus had a summer home.  I guess if I were him, I'd want a get-away in Santa Barbara too.
More greenhouses in the distance.  Daddy's juices are flowing.
A cool little island and footbridge.
An afternoon shot out the window as we pass near the island.
The other side of the little foot bridge.
Today was a good day for ocean sunshine and sunset shots.
Here is a train bridge with the runoff from all the rain we've been having.
Daddy found this fantastic place to camp right on the coastline.  You can't see the freeway to the left.  It's just far enough away that  you don't hear the traffic, but easy off and easy on.
A trench where the rainwater is flowing out to sea.
Daddy and Sophia made it to the beach first.
A glamour shots moment.  We're movie-stars!
Sophia walks great on the wet sand.
Here, I brought  you this stick.  Now may I go out and play in the Big Water?
No pictures!  I'm busy.
The drainage tunnel under our coach.
Ocean foam and waves.  Daddy goes artsy-fartsy again.
From the beach, you can see them lined up parallel down the road for a long way.
It's getting a little darker.
The sun going down soon..
Well son it's like this.  The sun is going down and the tide is coming in.  So, if I were you, I'd get to playing as much as possible before it's cold, wet and dark.
I'm digging a hole for the water.  I have a little trench.  A little video HERE.
Daddy made a sand castle.
Daddy stacked some rocks.  Cool how the shadows came out too.
Daddy proud with his stacked rocks.
I'm stacking rocks too.
How did all this sand get on my hands?
That's nothin', check out your backside.  Baby girl is going to need a bath tonight.
Oh very funny.  Just bring her down here, let her get all dirty in the sand, and then leave her for Papa to carry back up the hill.  
Seagulls sitting peacefully on the seawall.
Attack of Christopher the bird chaser.
More sunsets.
We can both get them Sophia.
Daddy look at how big my little trench has become.
Oh yea, did I mention there were train tracks on the other side of the road.  For Christopher, this place has EVERYTHING.
This looks a lot like the train that we left in Pismo.
Daddy caught Papa looking like he's daydreaming.  He's really watching Christopher ride his bike down the path.
I'm all done Daddy.
Here Papa, I found this for  you.
Artsy-fartsy sunset by Daddy.
Another with Seagulls.  At first I thought "what luck", then I realized that Christopher was chasing them again.
More sunset.
More sunset.
Sunset that ends our day.