January 31st 2008: Pismo Beach
We stayed three days at Oceano Dunes in Pismo Beach.  it is the only beach you can drive on or use ATVs.
Views of the camping site in Pismo Beach State Park
more of the park
Christopher  was wanting to ride his bike all the time. He got real good at it.
He was able to peddle uphill and make it with no complaints.
Of course Sophia was all into the bike ride as long as daddy was doing the peddling. 
A proud daddy with his little girl.
These were going wild in the park  narcissus also known as daffodil. Narcissus is the botanical name.
Christopher wanted us to look at these dinosaur bones, which actually turned out to be bones from a Gray Whale.
Come any closer I will jump into this stinky duck pond.
Uh!  Maybe not.
Look what I can do!
Oh no!  I'm stuck.
Okay, back to step one.
This was a big lake you could walk around.
Christopher calling the geese, as you can see they are running away before he sees them.
Oh geneses, I have bread for  you.
Well the geese chased us back to the coach. So he feed them form the window have video will post later. 
Dang!  You busted me putting on Sophia's hat.
Para surfing on the beach what looked like a big skate board and a quick change to looked like snow board and he started to jump waves.
Now jumping the waves.
Christopher and Daddy making designs in the sand.  
Now Papi was talked into going over to the sand dunes to dig.
Now up the dune.
This was so cool to park on the beach and play.
Residual of an oil spill
Christopher looking for treasure.
Who is eating? 
Daddy being silly.
And the kids loving it.
He loves his sister.
Wow! Chow time again.