January 26, 2008  Monterey Day Trip
We start the day out looking for Hwy 1 with no map. Not a good Idea.  We had to stop at an office depot to look at a map.
Here in Watsonville, we pass a really cool church that Christopher insists is a castle with a king in it.
I'm NOT smiling for the camera.  I don't  want to be in the Jeep today.
They woke me early for this day trip and I'm still not sure if I'm okay with it, but I sure am cute.
Moss Landing is a great little industrial / fishing town.
The power plant is operating only one stack today.
Strawberries anyone?  These are everywhere. 

Ah... Papi these are artichokes, I sure love him.

Here's a factory out on the beach.  I don't know about  you, but I don't think I'd waste such valuable real estate for a factory.
The wind is blowing pretty good today.
Who says we don't get four seasons on the coast?  These bushes are in winter colors.
The ocean is just beyond. the dunes.
More dunes, etc.
Coming off the highway into Monterey.
What a pretty little park.
I think it's art.  I don't understand the message, but it looks cool.
Statue entering Fisherman's Warf parking area.
The entrance to Fisherman's Warf parking.
Both kids were sleeping.
... but Christopher was really getting into his nap.
Did you say seals?  I want to see the seals.
Sign at the entrance.
A rainbow display of kayaks.
The dock area.
Daddy caught a jet flying overhead.
... and the bird that was near it.
Lots of sail boats.
Papa tries his hand at an artsy fartsy shot.
A little boy finally wakes up to smile for pictures as we head toward the wharf.
I'm cute even with these boy shoes.
Papa pushes Sophia all around.  She's getting into the atmosphere, but a little restless with sitting.
There's a sign right next to him that says "No Climbing".
Looking down the wharf.
Sea Gulls are all over the place.  Imagine that!
If he'd known the bird was above him, he'd have growled at it.
You'd think that with all these folks around there would have been someone we were comfortable asking to take a group photo.
I guess we have to just do it ourselves.
A race car driver.
Hey Mario, who's the lady?
Hey, there are two steering wheels in this car.
He didn't like my driving.
Another ride shaped like a boat.
Sophia was a little off-put by the stroller after getting out so I tried putting her on my shoulders.  She wasn't having that either.
The sea lions were a hit with most everyone.  
The pelicans are scavenging for a free lunch.
Bubba already cleaned up this fish cleaning station.
seagull:  Don't eat me.
Pelican trying to steal a fish from this guy.
Christopher wanted me to hurry and take the picture so he could chase some seagulls.
Sophia was watching the Sea Lions lazing around.  I wish we had captured some of her little dance on video.
Christopher believed he could speak to the Sea Lions.  VIDEO.
Sea lions all on a peer deck that is sinking from there weight. 
more of them
Are you looking at me? 
This dude was playing his flute for money to keep on the road for his cross-country tour.
I can lift it, yes I can!  Okay, well maybe not the anchor, but I can lift this chain.
If you insist on a picture, I'll insist on a face you won't like.
This old place was near the entrance to the History Museum.
He loved climbing all over this anchor.
And climbing over the railing.
Portrait time.
The Monterey Maritime & History Museum isn't anything to look at from the outside, but wait 'till you see all the historical things they have inside.
Another anchor.
An a wheel from a ship.  I think there may be a theme here.
These were in use from 

800 A.D. until the beginning of the 20th century.

It's in pretty good shape considering its age.
I didn't realize this was an Italian design.
The workings from an actual lighthouse.  
Who'd have thought this thing would require turning the crank every four hours.
I asked Daddy to take a photo next to a bell.  He got this one.
Okay turkey, now the real photo.  
Christopher asked "where's her head?"
I'm so used to us having 50 stars that this really took me by surprise.
It's Captain Christopher.
Hey, who's driving this thing?
And we're done with the warf.  Daddy and the kids just can't help playing around.  VIDEO.
Then on to Cannery Row.
I don't think these guys are in business anymore.
They've really cleaned this place up for the tourists.
Christopher wants to play in every fountain we come across.
Daddy did a great job at getting the camera setup for this shot.
Sophia walking Papi to make sure  he dos not get lost.
what a beautiful beach. The one problem is that it's located behind the store fronts.
Christopher  was amazed by this.
Daddy that house is going to fall into the water
So he waited.....  and waited. I told him he will be here a long time if he was waiting for it to fall.
This is looking from Cannery Row over to Seaside across the bay.
Looking back over to Fisherman's  Wharf 
You let me walk and now I do NOT want to be picked up.
A restaurant on cannery row over the water.
Picture said it all. Cannery Row
I'm not sure about this place. BullWackers.
More of cannery row.
Sophia had to stop and investigate every bush, tree, and flower along our way.
Just a cool shot of the water.
I love my Daddy.  Look, I found his string.  If I pull it, he makes funny faces.
Bubba Gump?!  Any relation to Forest?
Hey they have food why don't I, uh, we?