January 18 2008  Camping at Lake Berryessa.
These are some of the cabins on the lake.
Geese I think Canadian.
Aunt Joan, Christopher, Dennis and Sophia.
Christopher trying to get Dennis to take him outside again.
Sophia was having fun tickling Dennis.
Sophia at it again. eating bananas. 
Aunt Joan rocked Sophia asleep.  They both were soaking it up.
Where  water and rocks are Christopher can be found throwing rocks into the water.
And he's off.
HE found numbers painted on the street and had to tell me what each one was.
So on this walk we have found Pine cones acorns and deer poop. So after discovering the deer poop Christopher wanted to hunt them down.
And the we spotted some on the hill side on the other side so we hurried over to get close.
And if you look close you can see the deer in the center of the branches.
So after finding the deer's Christopher wanted to clime. This was a steep granite side and he climbed it all by himself.
After getting to the top he found deer tracks.
He wanted to take a picture of me so I think he did a great job.
I got all excited went I saw a Jackson Trap I wanted to check it. Boy I miss working for the County Pest Detection. I hope to return someday 
Sophia getting a bath and not liking it, can you tell.
Papi caught us looking out the window at all the front on the Jeep. 
And the frost.
Wow! we are all looking at the camera.  
This was another lake just north of Lake Berryessa.
Same lake 
Getting into the grapefields
More wine grapefields.
One of the Winery Estates. not sure which one, so many here.
Napa valley sign.  Just in case you could not read the sign hehe
Christopher was sleeping and awoke just as I was taking this picture.
Not sure what body of water lots of them around here.
I think this was St Helena.
so of the homes in this town.
Leaving town we are heading to Clear Lake.
And we came across this. the Culinary Institute of America.
This is the Building. If I had known this was here we would ate here. But next time we will. 
Looking back as we started to clime to Clear Lake.
Some more scenery along the way 
Some more scenery along the way
Some more scenery along the way
Some more scenery along the way
Not sure where this was but cool old house. Not the frost on the ground.
Entering  the town of Clear Lake.
Stopped to look at the lake. was on the South part not very clear.
Has tons of ducks and other birds.
Christopher trying to coax the ducks over to him. What ducks you ask?
Well not this way. Looking north on Clear Lake
Just a cool shot. now back to the ducks you asked about.
Here they are.
He had to get a closer look.
Bird poop every where. Yuk 
Photo Opportunity, the kids didn't think so. 
Sophia licking the last bit out.
A very proud Daddy.  Nothing like a baby sleeping in your arms.
And again Sophia eating a banana.
Greg with his Aunt Joan his mother sister.
Aunt Joan and Christopher, He had so much fun with Aunt Joan and Dennis.
Daddy, Christopher and Aunt Joan going over Family history. Found out that we are French Canadian.
And a Family picture.
I just love our kids.
My Cuz Carole Playing with Sophia, she was just giggling load.