December 25, 2007   Luetticke and Archbell Christmas 
twas the night before Christmas (2007) 
     and all through the house,
Christopher and the babies were sleeping
    as sound as the mouse (Mickey, that is).
NORAD had tracked Santa
    'cross the entire globe,
we left cookies and milk
    and waited in robes.
When all of a sudden
    with a crash and a boom
Christopher awoke to see

    who was in the living room.
As he peered ‘round the corner
    Santa he did not see,
but dozens of presents
    were under the tree.
After a moment 
    it soon became clear,
that Santa had been here
    and Christopher heard the reindeer.
None of us saw him
    as he drove out of sight,
so we went back to bed
    and awaited first light

… to open the presents, that is.

By my love David

We couldn't believe what Christopher wrote to Santa.  
Christopher and Daddy making Christmas Cookies.  
How much flour does it take to make cookies?   "LOTS"!
It's hard to believe the he didn't want to eat them before cooking, but not even a lick.
Just having realized that he'd gotten some of the ingredients on his face and that he was "dirty".
Sophia gets into the stirring action.
Now that she can wave and say "hi" she rarely misses a photo opportunity.
Just content on Papa's lap.
Daddy got us to wear the cool-shades.
Sarah says, some of us are just more cool than others.
Christopher woke up Christmas Eve to let us know that we'd forgotten to put out cookies and milk for Santa.  Oh yea, and we must have one for ourselves too.
NORAD says Santa is in Oklahoma and will be here soon.  Oka-homo?  That's where Aunt Becky lives.
For someone who moves so fast it's sure taking Santa a long time to get here.
I think the tree threw up.
The girls with their first gift.  "Hey, I know, let's bang on it".
Big brother to the rescue.
A bubble pop ball machine?  Wow!  They were fascinated with this toy.
From the look on his face (and them being upside down), you'd think he didn't like them.  He was ecstatic, but didn't want to "smile" for the picture because it meant he'd have to wait to open more presents.
What's this?
Sophia was nearly able to catch the balls as they came up the chute.
I know they come out of this hole.
Daddy, can you stop with that bright light?  I'm working as fast as I can.
Gift tug of war.
Christopher was great to help the girls with their packages.  I 1/2 expected him to try to keep the gifts, but he didn't.
I'm really having fun with this now.
This is how Papa opens gifts.  V-e-r-y c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y.
I got it!
This is the least messy gift unwrapping we've ever had.  How can that be?  Maybe it's because we're older and more tired ... translation "wiser".
Time for my old standby, just chew through it.
So dainty.
I can do dainty.
Hey, what's up with that big red sock?  It has more presents.  Go look in yours.
A dinosaur, a book on dinosaurs and some cars.  Score!
Each girl received a stuffed bear.  We'll probably save them to go on the tree for years to come.  Sophia growled at hers.
Look what Grandma got for us.  She knows we look fabulous in pink.  This will be great for traveling in the mountains.
Our family gift is a bike-rack that holds four bicycles and swings away to open the gate.  Very cool.  If you want one too, you can get it at
I guess this means we need to get the bikes in the shop and ready for use.
You wouldn't believe the intense reaction to this ball.  He wanted to bounce it like a basket ball and was actually getting pretty good.
A baby doll.  Hmmm.  I'm not sure if this look is disinterest or sleepy.
Score one for Christopher and a bright yellow rain jacket for boating and wet weather camping.
This smile more accurately reflects his delight.
I know I can get to the booty if I can get up high.  This box almost makes me tall enough.
What?  Oh, I'm just looking.  This thing in my hand?  Uh, it's just something I found laying around.  I think it goes on this couch.  I love you Papa.
Papa kept the place all picked up by collecting the wrapping as we went.