November 21, 2007   Our Annual Thanksgiving trip to the River
Thanksgiving was a special event this year for our family because it was our second annual Thanksgiving Camping Trip with great friends we've come to recognize as our family of choice. Leaving on Tuesday, the 20th, we drove to Yuma to congregate for the convoy to Parker and River Lodge Resort near Parker Dam, Ca.
Highlights of this trip include Angie going in the water for Benji on a couple of occasions, Christopher getting over his phobia of dogs and even taking them for walks and petting them, we learned two ways to play Domino's (Sheri's way takes 30 minutes, Daniel's way takes about three hours), Pam and Sheri nearly getting busted for showing their busts, redefining the word "nap", the wild burro's hanging around camp (watch out for the 'donkey poo'), fun on the water, long walks and laugh laugh laugh.

Thanksgiving was pot-luck and everyone did a fantastic job. The turkey looked like something from a magazine and all of the food was excellent. We're already talking about how we might manage an Alaska trip this summer.
Christopher and Papi drew pictures while we traveled.   This one is Papi's rendering of Christopher.

Suzen and Christopher walking her dogs. The amazing part of this picture is that Christopher is afraid of dogs, but he wanted to walk Shiloh.
A sunset shot of the river's edge as we arrive at dusk.
What!  I want to throw rocks.   And he did throw rocks the entire week.
Suzen with their four dogs.  None of us brought our reservation information.  So Daniel & Angie chased down someone who worked for the resort to gave us our space location while the rest of us waited.
More waiting.
Angie coming back after finding someone to help us. 
Christopher was happy just finding and throwing rocks in the river.
Just about to launch a rock.
More rock finding.   Note how intensely he's looking for eactly the right one
Ah!  This one should work just fine.
A left handed throw. Not bad
Wow! what a splash 
Angie got wet a couple of times because of these little ducks.  More on this story a little later.
Hey Daddy, take a picture of me with the ducks. 
Some views from around the bend
Some more shots of the park and views 
We came across some wild Burros on Christopher's and Daddy's morning walk.
I tried a few times to sneak up on this bird to get a picture and this was the best I could get.
Same bird gliding over the water looking for some fish.
Thursday Morning breakfast. We have (R-L) Janice, Papi, Christopher, Grandma Donna, Daniel, Sheri and Pam.
  I told everyone stop eating and look up. &nbps; And Papi was already back for seconds.   He loves Daddy's cookin'.
Ahhhh, damn She looks good.   .
Papi and Sophia waiting for Thanksgiving Dinner. 
Sarah All bundled up waiting for food.   Can you see "feed me" written all over her face?
. Christopher making sure he was not going to miss out on the food.
Some of the Dinner spread. 
Mama Sheri and Pam (R-L)
This was great to see Janice with a big smile. I can't tell you why hehehe
This is the effect of Thanksgiving food and being bundled up.
What a nice gathering around the fire talking after dinner.   You can't tell from the picture, but the holiday lights really set the mood.
Look at me! I am SOOOOO CUTE.   And I'm now able to wave and say "Hi".
Do you have any food?
Daniel & Janice kicking back after dinner.
The River water was so clear.   It was about ten feet deep in this picture.
What?!   I am working.

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