November 14, 2007
Arriving Friday evening we backed in to a very nice Host site.  California Coast Oak trees cover us. They have to be a around 50 to 100+ years old.  The site is fenced so the kids can go out and play.
Sophia and my nephew Camden, sure look like they could be brother and sister. 

Good morning. Papi did not want his picture taken so he blocked the camera.
Have bib will travel, Do you have any food? 
Stop!  You are hurting my ears.  Camden wasn't ready for his mommy to leave him with us.  By the time she returned he'd had a nap and really warmed up to his uncles.
Hmmmm.....  I wonder if this button will work?  No we did not make her do this chore, she is only one year old and we don't start them until two. 
How do I get off this stinky fishing boat?
Oh the paparazzi are back.
Melissa and Camden, Greg's niece and her son came over to visit.
Okay! I get half of the loot for being the stepping stool.
AHHH.... Sophia......I think we've been busted.
Oh.....Hi.... just uh looking uh....for you.  Yes you.  I love you Daddy and Papi. Does that make it all better now?
Greg's niece snuggling with Sophia.
Greg's artsy fartsy picture of the campfire.  He can build a fire like a scout and take a picture like a pro.
Melissa and Camden sitting around the campfire.
Greg's Brother Gene and sister in law Deb sitting around the campfire with their dog Sophia.
Greg's Dad and Wife standing around the campfire.  Even after a very long day and a 4am wake-up tomorrow, they stayed to hang out with the family.
Everyone enjoying the cold night, the warmth of the fire and eating smores.  Gram cracker cookies coated in chocolate and marshmallow is the way to go. YUMMIE! 
Come on Cuz lets get them.  Christopher and Braden attack the cameraman.
Greg's Nephew Jake, what a great kid he is.
Ahhhh what was that bright light?  She's such a good mom.
 I love our little girl. 
  Greg's brother Ronnie in his new found chair.  This will be great for the next tailgate party.
As you can see he is real proud of it.  .
Another artsy fartsy fire picture.
Christopher and cousin Braden playing with glow sticks.  Braden's daddy is in the background.
. Nephew Braden. He is so cute and a great brother to Camden. 
How fast can I spin this thing? 
Look what we can do.
Christopher is going to make a good baton twirler.
Proud Daddy Nick and his son Braden.
Look!  I am doing it.
I don't want to be on this stinky fish smelling tin can again.
Did you hear me.
You will give me some chocolate if I smile. Oh okay.
Lake Morena Dam water is real low.
Are we going back to the dock now, I want my chocolate.