May 19, to June 4, 2007

Oklahoma trip  


We left Saturday evening and by the time we got to Yuma, the windshield made
the coach look like a really used fly swatter. Greg is still trying to classify these
bugs even after I've reminded him it's not his job anymore..
Sophia isn't sure what to make of the new chair and coach. It's her first real long trip..
Christopher has it down, but he's trying to negotiate his way out of the carseat.
Christopher got a decent shot of Papi.
Daddy starts us out on the second day. Note the desert scenery ... it stays
this way until we get out of Texas.
Christopher found a tree branch which he demanded were antlers from a Reindeer.
"See, this is how they go on the Reindeer!"
More desert.
And More desert.
And More desert.
Christopher watches as Papi fills the tank.
This used to be the "Welcome Center" for New Mexico.
Christopher is holding Sophia to look out the window while Daddy fills the tank.
And a better shot of Chris holding Sophi.
This gas station has huge arrows stuck in the ground pointing the way to the station.
Christopher found this airplane.
Daddy got all excited when the Harley's passed.
We statyed in this campground in New Mexico when it was new in May 2004.
The only thing that changed is how FULL it is today.
  And more desert. Oh yea, that's Albuquerque.
We stopped at a rest area and came across some horses. Christopher was trying
to feed the male.
The horse had food already so Chris gave up.
"You need to eat your food horsey."
Presenting a horse. Christopher, Vannah has nothing on you.
He climbed the railing.
Another turn of the head and camera.
Sophies first visit with a horse.
And her first caterpillar.
Christopher has a towel that looks like a caterpillar at home, but he was unsure
about his first real one.
Sophia got ahold of Christopher's water cup. Hey, we may be finished with bottles
for her already. Woo Hoo!
We took a little time at a rest area so Christopher could get out and run/play.
He loves playing football.
Break time.
Checking out flowers.

It smells ... ok.
This was a cattle ranch in Texas. I-40 is not a friendly place for any animal.
What's with these folks and planting inert objects? Don't they know you can't grow cars?
Just inside Oklahoma, we see wind-powered generators.
Just inside Oklahoma, we see wind-powered generators.
Tornado's are rough on water towers.
We've stumbled upon a heard of orange cones.
This is a training center for road building. So now we know who to blame.
Our first stop in Oklahoma and we found "their" version of a wheelchair shopping
cart. I can't find the joystick. Or the battery.
We stayed at Twin Fountains RV Park in OKC. Sophia got her feet in the grass and liked it.
What does it taste like?
Okay, changed my mind, I don't think I like it anymore.
Christopher found the playground.
The gravel is not a soft enough landing so he decided to stop sliding and use
it to slide the rocks.
I caught him throwing rocks up the ladder. What'cha doin'?
Uh, nothin'.
Back to throwing rocks.
He's winking at the ducks in the water.

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