December 17th, 2006, A trip to the snow.
We didn't bring the coach for this daytrip because of the ice and danger of sliding.   You wouldn't believe how many folks spun-out.   The drive was beautiful.
There's not a lot of accumulation, but what did fall is beautiful.
The trees got a good dusting and then it froze.   So pretty.
Daddy and Christopher make their way out.
Christopher gets his first up close look at this white stuff (that he'll recall anyway).
Daddy tosses some at Christopher.
Christopher returns the favor.
No Daddy, you win.   Don't throw any more at me.
And the snow-man.   Crunch, crunch, crunch.   This stuff is hard to walk in.
Uh, make that ... 'snow woman'?!
And the proud daddy with his creation.
Daddy!   Don't lick that dirty snow.
Hey Christopher, do you want to sit on the snow woman's shoulders?
No?!   How about upside down?
I'm out-ta here.
This looks like a good place to sit down.
Oh, Mrs. Snow, I didn't realize.
The drive is really beautiful.
It's amazing how much nature changes season to season.
Artsy fartsy snow/ice.
And here's the actual tree.
Another frost covered tree.
And Sophia getting into the act.   We didn't let her out in the snow because she was only two months old and didn't want her to get sick.