September  20 thru 22, 2006:

Oregon - California Coast Trip
We left Junction City and headed south east to another resort that was listed. The scenery was exceptional.


Nice place. Very clean and well kept.
This place is very lush.
The river is so cool.
Even some rapids.
A hammock looks very inviting. I'm glad there are several.
Christopher doesn't understand why he has to hold hands when we're not in the street, but the rushing waters to our right are MUCH faster than they appear in this photo.

And a really cool porch-swing.
Another park on the river.
Don't photograph me.

I'm soooooo cute!
This was taken from a KOA in Oregon.
Same as above, but Christopher wanted to pose.
Christopher thinks he has to turn when Daddy turns the camera sideways.
Who's up there? That's my Daddy
Papi is my buddy.
Some coastline in Oregon.

Who needs road workers to direct traffic when you can install a traffic light?
A tunnel through the trees.
Heck of a lake view, eh?  
  This bridge is VERY TALL.
... and steep.
We're up with teh power lines.
He was so tired he fell asleep with his eyes open.
Harris State Beach in Brookings, OR

Time to explore another coastal park.
Another turn of the head and camera.
Papi points out a rock hill with a hole in it.
And here it is.
This is a really good picture of my boys.
We kept looking at the coastline.
Look! Look!
Now that's beautiful.

Christopher shows off his climbing ability.

Daddy slips trying to get him.

Papi in a compromising position.
Drawing in the sand.
Daddy takes good action shots.

A sunset 'ish kinda shot.

Christopher walking on the beach.

Christopher spies bird.
Christopher chases bird.
Christopher gets up some speed.
Smart bird takes to flight.
Hey! That's not fair.
Christopher finds a stick in the water and gives his plumber pose.

Exercising restraint ... he really wants to jump in the water.

Look at me, I'm doing it! I'm NOT jumping in the water.
The end of a LONG day.