September  12 thru 18, 2006:

Neah Bay and some Washington Coast Parks are calling

Christopher always ready for the ride pretends to be the navigator. His blanket seconds as a map. Billy takes us to the airport ... EARLY!


We were quickly off and running again through the forest.
We soon see a die-hard surfer giving it a go in 60 degree water.
Just as quickly we're back inland and going through the trees on the way to Neah Bay.

The MaKan Nation is at Neah Bay. We were expecting more of the same we'd been through, butttttt...
... it looks like they've cleared all of the large trees.
It's industrial / fishing. It makes me wonder if the loggers paid a lot of money to clear their land.

When we would come across another area of clear-cut, Christopher would say "ewww it's dirtyyyyy".
Papi is back in the drivers seat
Christopher got to see another train. I'm glad this one stood still for him.
Christopher got to see another train. I'm glad this one stood still for him.
Christopher sitting in Daddy's lap while he takes their photo.
This is a good sample of the natural beauty we saw throughout the trip.
Here, we stopped at a turn-out to just enjoy the views.
Daddy and Christopher are being silly and laughing.

Papi and Christopher wave to the camera.
A family shot to test out the self-portrait feature of the camera.
One of the many Tsunami Hazzard signs we encountered. I wonder when these actually went up?
When I was backing in to the space at a state park, I noticed that the backup-camera displayed a really cool picture so I took one of it.
Here's the kind of stuff we were seeing in the park.  
  Christopher wanted to go back to the coach before our walk was over. Papi's parenting skills were being tested. We opted for redirection and it worked.
Here's the view of the beach from the camp.
Christopher liked the sand until he realized he was "dirty". "Ewww, yuck".
The ocean has washed out the soil from below this huge tree. Greg is holding it up with one finger ... and some fairy dust .
We came across a sand castle someone had made.
These are logs that have washed up on shore. Tiny eh?
And the sunsets were amazing. ... going
Wow !  This was a beautiful sunset I had to take it from a few different place in the park
... going
... gone.
The next morning we were back on the beach.
We had to get in our studies so we practiced our numbers and letters. D-18. Hmmmm, sounds like bingo.
Christopher, aka the ham, was presenting the coach.
And now he's reliving another Washington trip where he got a photo in the window.
When we left that park, we found some highway gardening gone a little sloppy.
We ended up stopping in at Ocean Shores. Have you seen the infomercials on this place?
They had a few people riding horses around too.
After leaving Ocean Shores, we found another of those rotating bridges to allow boats to pass. Kinda cool.

This mural was on the side of a grocery store. Wow, I wish they'd do stuff like that here.
Christoper did a great job at staying in his carseat until we got back to the Country Coach Factory to have a few things looked at.
When we did finally get out and about, he was elated.
While waiting for service to be completed we decided to catch up ALL of the laundry.
Christopher gets to see another train.
Buddy boy was caputkin at the end of this day. We spend the entire day walking around Junction City.
Papi worked on the first week of photo's for a webpage.

In the customer lounge people wait for their coaches to be fixed. Christopher met a lady with little dogs that she allowed him to pet.
More trains?! Can you imagine. This trip ended up being about finding trains and train tracks. We have to get him another engine for his train at home.
Here's one that stayed still so he could study it for a long time.

He and Daddy pose for a photo.
Here we found a caboose they had turned into a hair salon.
What would a long day be without stopping at Dairy Queen for ice cream?
Fire hydrants are great for climbing.
Another doggie at the lounge because it's raining today.
Christopher sitting in the front window watching the trains go by.
The end of a very long day for a tired little boy. Naptime is great.
After a little more play we have dinner and baths ... just like home.
And hugs before saying goodnight.