September 10, 2006:

Day four brought us to visit Papi's Niece and family.

Olympia Christopher with Brielle, Papi's Great-Niece.
And Kyri, another Great Niece. Olympia
Olympia Kyri's boyfriend and Aerion, Papi's Great Nephew.
Brielle and her mom, Dawn, Papi's Niece (shes great too). Olympia
Olympia Drionna, another of Papi's Great Nieces, is cooking dinner.
Christopher was nearly asleep with Brielle after terrorizing her all evening. Olympia
Olympia We stopped at the fish hatchery. Christopher was being "determined".
Water was flowing everywhere. Olympia
Olympia Watching the water from afar, Papi tells Christopher how the fish spawn.
Daddy and Christopher found another totem-pole. These seem to be all over the place up here. Olympia
Olympia Papi and Christopher introduce the entrance sign. Vannah White better look out.
This is the biggest water valve key I've ever seen. Olympia
Olympia Christopher has been asking to "go potty" regularly and has had only one accident. Yea!.
Christopher talked this man into allowing him to walk his dog. Olympia
Olympia Christopher and Daddy looking over the bridge at the river.
Christopher and Papi sitting on a rock at the end of the bridge. Olympia
Olympia We tried looking through the sides of the bridge, but Christopher didn't like the spider webs because they were icky.
Daddy took a great artsy fartsy picture. Olympia
Driving Daddy caught Papi driving.
Papi caught Daddy doing the windows. Hey, you missed a spot. Driving
Pioneer Trails Near the Canada border, we're at Pioneer Trails in Anacortes.
Christopher just had to see what was inside the cabins. Pioneer Trails
Pioneer Trails Christopher met a disabled doggie and her human.
Papi and Christopher walking through the enchanted forest. Pioneer Trails