September 7, 2006
Our journey began by getting up at 4am to make our early flight to Portland, Oregon, immediately followed by a car ride to Junction City Oregon and Country Coach Headquarters where our new coach was ready and waiting all polished and shinning.   We stayed the night in their "Delivery and Service Campground" while getting to know our new home away from home.  The next morning, we got up early to return the rental car and begin our maiden voyage. Coach
Of course, with a new coach, Costco was a necessary first stop, he he.  After we loaded the additional weight of the supplies and lightened our wallets a bit, it was time to get back on the road headed to Washington.

First stop, Columbia Riverfront RV Park.  A great place to visit, but we wanted to keep moving on to Lake Mayfield where we had a reservation.   This was a great place to relax and unwind with many things to do and places to explore.   The playground was so large and interesting that we didn't even notice the 2nd one.   We crossed the dock/bridge to a little (four acre) island that has a working light-house and cliffs that can take your breath away.   Daddy did pretty good walking to and from until he learned that this man made lake was over 250 feet deep under the docks we'd just crossed.

The next day we crossed over the lake and stayed at Harmony RV Park.   This was more of a park-like setting with lots of trees.  The park was quiet and peaceful with plenty of places to explore.  The road leading to the boat ramp wasn't paved very good, but we enjoyed the walk and Christopher found many plants and animals to check out.


And the pictures ...

Day one, our dear friend Billy takes us to the airport ... EARLY!   4am to make a 6am flight.   Now that's a friend!  Look, he's even smiling for the camera.
Greg's truck bed is FULL of luggage. Greg stuffing the back of the truck.  With the amount of luggage you would think we were gay or something.  We decided to bring as many camping supplies as could fit in our luggage.
Christopher and Daddy get set up on the airplane. This is Christopher's first time on an airplane and he is excited.  You can't really tell it because he's still waking up, but he is about to burst. Christopher's first airplane ride.
Christopher and Papi get ready to buckle our seatbelts. Christopher and Papi are getting ready to go.  By the time we landed in Portland there was hardly a person on the plane who didn't know Christopher and that he had two daddies.
Daddy was able to get a free upgrade on our rental car so we could fit all the stuff we brought.  Mr. Smooth Talker in action.   The rental car is FULL
The new coach Here we're seeing the new coach for the first time.  Butch, our delivery salesman, was kind enough to snap a family picture.  "Butch" eh?  How appropriate. 
Daddy imitates Vana while showing the front end of the house to the camera . Daddy does the intro
Papi and Christopher in the new coach Now it's Papi and Christopher's turn to see and explore.  The picture doesn't do justice to our excitement.
The galley is bigger than it looks.  We were very impressed with the amount of cabinet space and storage throughout this coach.  It's as though they knew we were planning on a big family. Tour: Galley
Tour: Galley #2 The china cabinet in the galley.  It was a pleasant surprise to find all the decorations they'd added.  It felt like home right away.
The head ... uh, bathroom.  We could hardly believe the amount of cabinet space here too.  They must think we carry around an entire pharmacy. Tour: The head
Tour: The bedroom And here's the bedroom.  Daddy and Christopher check out the comfy bed ... but there's no jumping on this one.
September 8, 2006
Here we're on the way to the first resort,  Columbia Riverfront RV Park.   Resort 01
Daddy Wakes Christopher Christopher fell fast asleep just after we got on the road in the new coach. He slept right up until we arrived at our fist stop.
Daddy and Christopher walked down to the beach.  From here it looks a little dry and dusty, but up in the park, it's pretty lush. Down to the beach
Papi-n-Chris on the beach Papi and Christopher watch the boats pass by.  Don't take my picture Daddy.  Well, okay if you must.  The weather was moderate and comfortable.

Christopher was a little shy about this slide, but "I can do it!"  After a few tries, he didn't want to stop.
I can do it
Greg reminiscing Greg reminiscing.  

Here we're on the way to Mossyrock.
To Mossyrock
 You can see the resort from the bridge ... accross the lake ... kinda tine from this photo.  To Mossyrock
 To Mossyrock The sign doesn't do them justice. 
The first thing we noticed was the boardwalk and docks. Wow! To Mossyrock
To Mossyrock There were plenty of mature pine trees surrounding the area.

Papi and Christopher are exploring the docks.
To Mossyrock
To Mossyrock Looking down the isle of trailers.
One showing the island and lighthouse. This one is nearly postcard worthy. To Mossyrock
Mayfield: Island Here's the first trail to the island.
Peeking out between the trees. watching the sunset Mayfield: Island
Mayfield: Island Daddy caught us finishing our sandwiches.
Looking back at the resort. Mayfield: Island
Mayfield: Island Christopher compared to the lighthouse.
Daddy and Christopher at the lighthouse. Mayfield: Island
Mayfield: Island Another vantage toward the resort.
Another vantage toward the resort. Mayfield: Island
Mayfield: Island Christopher makes a new friend.
September 9, 2006
Welcome to Harmony Lakefront RV Park's Friendship Garden. Harmony
Harmony Christopher found the totem pole.
Now he's found the water garden. Harmony
Harmony He and Daddy watch the coy fish in the water garden pond.
Now he's headed down to the docks. Come-on guys! It's this way. Harmony
Harmony The water was pretty ... but a little murky from the tide change.
Christopher and Papi walk the docks. Over and over again. Harmony
Harmony A view of the shoreline
Here's Christopher checking out a fallen tree. Eventually he decided to try to walk on it. Harmony
After a long day of exploring, it was time to do laundry. Christopher found the washer to be of more interest than TV. Go figure!
Daddy feeds Christopher ... like when he was a baby. Harmony